✨ 01.02.2022 was a New Moon in Capricorn.

We can use this energy to manifest some amazing things this year. The sort of things I am personally referring to when I say manifesting could be a lot different for other people. Some people automatically jump to the material ideas.

Manifesting is part of being one with the universe and creator. If you're contributing positively to the collective consciousness and are manifesting for the greater good of all, anything is possible. Miracles happen with the power of unconditional love (528 hz + frequency / high vibrations). 

Scratch resolutions, we’re doing 2022 manifesting

I don't know about you but I have never truly loved making new years resolutions. Yes, I've made them and even followed through with some. That doesn't mean it was always an enjoyable experience. Also, if I ever do set a resolution it is usually the day after my birthday. I view that as my personal New year.

Big Capricorn energy  

Like manifesting with a pyramid, manifesting with Capricorn's energy is very similar. For those of you who are curious about manifesting with a pyramid I can give you a brief explanation until I do a solid post about them.

Pyramids help you manifest a solid, grounded foundation to building your chosen reality/manifestation(s). It's a more strategic process when you manifest with either this energy or a pyramid. It's almost a guarantee that you'll manifest / build something thats sustainable. Rather than skip you to the good part, you’ll slowly make your way to your goal. Then the manifestation (if you remain grateful for it) should stay.

Manifestations unlike resolutions always surprise you no matter how many times you manifest something successfully. I say always celebrate it. There's also less pressure with no time cap that ends up being a dig to your confidence in working toward it. The gratitude will lift  your vibration and promotes a healthy aura.

If celebrating a New Moon and or manifesting is still very new to you. You can start here, but even if you have before and just want some reminders to get back in to it, it’s all for you too!

Meditate at your maximum capacity

Meaning whatever you usually consider a solid meditation. Again meditation, however it is perscieved by you. Some people meditate by listening to their favourite music. Some by sitting in silence. Guided meditations, napping meditations, etc. 

Try reading these examples then visualize what you're trying to accomplish this year and want to maintain through your life time.

"I am so grateful to be divinely led"

"I am aligned with the Universe"

"Im so grateful and thankful for my life of abundance" ( whatever that means to you)

"I invite unconditional love from Universe as I embrace myself with it"

"thank you universe for the endless possibilities ahead of me"

"Im so grateful and thankful for my health and my beautiful life"

Even if at the time you can't possibly think of your life as beautiful or abundant, I want to you try saying it anyway. I’ve blown up an inflatable tube, put on my bathing suit and sipped some juice in a sun beam, pretending I’m in a tropical place before. In my mind I was, on a cellular level I was too. Try not to limit yourself in your mind. We’re already limited enough in these flesh suits living the human experience. Let your imagination fly free. 

Think of this moment you're taking for you ..reflecting, ..breathing, ..smiling.

Try to maintain this attitude and focus for the rest of your year. Being mindful of your breath, taking this time out for you, journal if you have one. Share your experience with likeminded people (other people who are trying or practice manifesting.) Let’s lift each other up, this world is to segregated as it is. No more division, let’s come together. Spiritually, emotionally, lovingly🦋