Distant Reiki Healing:

Unlike light or radio waves, the strength of the bio-field energy healing The Reiki Gaia works with does not diminish with distance. Therefore, the intensity and benefits of The Reiki Gaia’s sessions are as strong for someone receiving a session who is thousands of miles away, as it is for someone receiving a session at her healing office.  

Distant healing sessions are very convenient for someone who is in need of a session but is far away from the Vancouver area, or who is in the area but just does not have the time to come to her healing office for an in person session.    

Distant healing sessions are also very helpful for those who are in pain and are unable to drive to see The Reiki Gaia. Or for anyone who has a compromised immune system and/or is in quarantine.

The Reiki Gaia's distant healing sessions are sometimes conducted at a prearranged time, often when the recipient is relaxing or meditating and is consciously open and aware that the healing it taking place.  Many clients can perceive the healing energy, sometimes as warmth or tingling, sometimes as joy and tranquility,  sometimes as all of these things and more.  But it is not necessary that the recipient sense the energy for a healing to occur.

In other distant healing sessions, The Reiki Gaia sends the healing energy when she perceives her client most needs it. Thereafter, when The Reiki Gaia and the client do a follow up, they discuss what has transpired and how the client has benefited from the session.

In still other distant healing sessions, The Reiki Gaia helps her clients clear specific emotional energy they are holding in their chakras, through the use of a shamanic illumination, in much the same way she would help them in an in-person session, but instead communicating over the phone, FaceTime or on Zoom.

To some, distant healing sounds even more “woo woo” than in person healing.  But, as is the case with an in person healing session, the recipient does not have to believe that a healing will take place.  This is not faith healing.  A certainty of belief in a healing outcome is not necessary.  Instead, as long as the client is open to the possibility of a healing (with a mental attitude similar to, “It sure would be nice if it worked”) he or she will benefit from the session.